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Right now, I feel extremely helpless because things are happening to the woman I love that I can do nothing about.

New Kernel, new governor

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So, I finally set about getting the conservative governor from the latest mm-sources into 2.6.11.

It actually applies fine – EXCEPT for the Kconfig file. As it happens, the Kconfig file is pretty important as, without it being in there, the kernel doesn’t give you the option to enable it – not a huge problem, just read the Kconfig.rej file and saw the differences and added them in. Gonna run it for a bit and see how it works out, since alot of the new cpufreq stuff does NOT apply cleanly at all to 2.6.11, although the stuff that affects me for the most part did. Also, bumped up to, along with all the wonderful goodness that is the gentoo patchset. Perhaps I should modify the cpufreq patch and submit it to bugzilla. The problem with that is, I really don’t know what I am doing – I mean, I know how to generate a patch, I just don’t know how to do it “properly” – specially not for the gentoo-sources. Do I pop a clean copy of the sources in there, and then compare the entire thing, which, SHOULD give just the cpufreq stuff, but then would require being applied last I would guess, giving it a number like 9999_cpufreq-conservative-governor.patch. I guess that would be the best thing to do. I will probably do that some time soon, although I should really be in bed, as tomorrow at 10:30am is the LUG meeting, and I wanna try to get to the bank at 9am or so and try to open that bank account.

Normally to post…

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I use gnome-blog – because it has a gnome-panel applet. Except that after this recent upgrade to 0.9 (from 0.8) I have been getting a weird error when I try to add it to my panel.

The panel encountered an error while loading “OAFIID:GNOME_BlogApplet”.

Just to show that it actually works – I am posting right now from the version that runs from Applications->Accessories->Blog Entry Poster.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

And yes, I have searched on google, and most people say to move some file that is in /usr/lib/gstreamer-0.8, however, I don’t have that file…

Good News/Bad News

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Well, the good news is, I am finally going to be out of this place (soon.)

The bad news is, its because Jon is getting foreclosed on. Not a bad thing by any means, this house is absolutely horrid. It is the ultimate definition of a fixer-upper. It needs new electrical work, new plumbing, probably a new foundation (he’s a rather large guy.)

The other good news is, I *might* within the next month, finally get paid for one of my website designs. Which is good news because I am really really hurting in terms of money. I have a little over 1 dollar in my Paypal account. As well as a little over a dollar in my bank account (Checking.) The other news, is that I am going to be using the money order from my security deposit to open a bank account down here, since no one seems to be willing to return my money (I MEAN YOU QUIKTRIP.)

Side note, the apartment complex in Tucson STILL hasn’t returned any of my phone calls, nor have they provided any proof that I owe them the money, so I *believe* that I can have that info pulled from my credit report. I am going to research that tomorrow I guess.

I just hope that I get some money before I have to find a new place to live, so that I am not living on the street.

come away with me

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you know, i did that music meme thing the other day, and i totally forgot this song…

Nora Jones – Come Away with Me

I absolutely love this song, and I can’t explain why, there is just something about her voice, I really must get more Nora Jones.

All things dbus…

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So, liferea came out with a new version – only, it wasn’t compatible with the latest version of dbus. So, I decided to make it so. It was really quite simple, once I figured out the old DBUS API -> new DBUS API conversion.

In ui_feedlist.c, there is a line that says

dbus_bus_acquire_service (connection, DBUS_RSS_SERVICE, 0, &error);

That is the old way. The new way is -

dbus_bus_request_name (connection, DBUS_RSS_SERVICE, 0, &error);

It doesn’t seem to be affecting it any, and I really don’t honestly know why liferea is even using dbus, but there it is, for the world to use. I have uploaded a patch to the Gentoo bugzilla that applies cleanly, it is Bug #91928

Testing out gnome-blog

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Well, I had to modify the code for gnome-blog itself, because it was expecting me to have wordpress at instead of just having it in the root directory, and thanks to one of the local lug guys, helping me out with the python compile script


python2.4 -c “import py_compile; py_compile(r’$1′)”

which allowed me to just recompile the instead of creating a patch for gnome-blog.

So, now to make sure that it even works.

Ok… real stuff

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Geeky updates! Woo…
Ok, so now that that weird music thing is done with (no more of those people, it felt like a chain mail…)

Gentopia… Well, I have no idea if Robert was being fecitious or not, but he said I needed to post more about Gentopia. So, here goes… somewhat… heh.

I’ve been running Gentopia pretty much since the overlay came into play – in Gentoo land, an overlay is a second area where you can tell their portage software installation where to pull software from. As of this posting, “we” are up to revision 90 of the svn “tree.”

It currently has gamin, beagle, evince, evolution-sharp, gsf-sharp-svn, gst-sharp-svn, gnome-vfs, gnome-volume-manager, gnome-power, gnome-utils, hal-device-manager, nautilus-cd-burner, kdebase, kdebase-kioslaves, f-spot, dhcdbd, diamond, networkmanager, dbus, eject, hal, ivman, and pmount.

*whew* that’s a lot of software. Actually, it isn’t quite that much, as Gentoo has over 115,000 ebuilds in the portage tree. But all things considered, its quite a bit of software. So far, everything has gone fairly smoothly – I must say that the Gentoo developers working on the project either really know their shit, or the developers of the programs themselves really know their shit. Likely, its a collection of the two. heh.

The only problem I am currently having – which I have actually nullified for now, is that when using the newest mm-sources kernel, pmount no longer sees my external usb hard drive as removable. I actually get an error – “Error: /dev/sda1 is not a removable device.”

Which is fine – mm1 (mm2 is the most recent) sources works fine – and includes the new conservative governor for cpufreq patch – which I must say, I am absolutely loving it. No more cpu jumping every time I move a window around in Gnome – Which is what I am spending a majority of my time in lately when dealing with the Gentopia project, although there are a few KDE packages in the overlay, it mostly deals with The GNOME Project which is actually fine by me, I don’t run KDE anyways. I think the last time I did, it was on a Knoppix cd anyways….

Ok, thats all for now, its 7:15am, and I haven’t been to sleep yet tonight – I just got done watching – unlike some geeks out there who got to see Star Wars – Kingdom of Heaven. Aside from my friends who know/knew the back story behind the movie, I had no idea really – I must say, I rather enjoyed it. Lots of explosions, swords, killing, blood gushing everywhere, and a leper king – all things that make a great movie. If you aren’t a huge history buff, I recommend you go watch, if you can.

Music Meme

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Urk, apparently, Thom decided to pass me a baton… I am supposed to talk about some music…

The last CD I bought was?
Uhh, you know…. to be quite honest, I uhh, don’t quite remember the last CD I bought…. Does it have to be musical? I buy CD-R’s more than I’ve ever paid for a music CD. Hard to find a CD with enough song’s in my opinion to offset the cost of paying for it.

Song playing right now:
“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:

* “Somewhere in Between” by Lifehouse
* “Wreath of Barbs” by Wumpscut
* “Little Pills” by Fine Bone China
* “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John
* “Superman” by Five For Fighting

Five people to which i’m passing the baton

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I am 20% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!