TrimSlice Pro

My TrimSlice Pro arrived today, so of course, I have to do the unboxing ritual.

TrimSlice Packaging

The cardboard box inside

First opening the cardboard box

Mains Adapter


Bluetooth Adapter


HDMI to DVI adapter

Wifi Antenna

The User's Manual

The TrimSlice itself

The Back of the TrimSlice

View of the right side of the case

The Front of the Trimslice

The Left side of the case

The Bottom of the TrimSlice

Okay, so now that the pictures are out of the way…
I’ve had the dev-kit for a while now, and I’d say, if you have 320 dollars to spare, and want a dual core ARM, and are a *developer*, this isn’t a bad deal. If you are a home user/end user, and want… flash/skype/purple ponies/perfect video/audio/whatever, don’t get it. The software support is being worked on hard, but it’s definitely not at an end user stage right now.

One thing to note, while the die cast case helps to dissipate the heat… this causes it to get *very* hot. It does have 4 rubber feet on the bottom though which cause it to be raised so it’s not just a “hunk of metal” sitting on your desk.

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  1. Not the audio cable. Is the input composite video

    Welcome to the club owners of the “Trim-slice”I have the
    Unit 004

    A Salute

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