Okay this post is a bit overdue, as I moved a bit back, just been doing other things and haven’t updated the blog.

I’m now mostly situated in San Antonio, and getting down to work.  I love my new apartment, and as much as I like having a roommate as it gives me someone to turn around and talk to, having my own place is quite nice.  I live about a minute away from a Starbucks, so I’m never too worried about coffee, and it’s only a couple of blocks to the grocery store.  WalMart is about a mile and a half away, but even that isn’t bad, because the bus goes right to there.  Bus stop is almost right outside my apartment.  The area is really nice, and I’m not too far from downtown either, so if I wanted to do something there, I can.  Will post more later, for now, back to work!

~ by steev on February 8, 2011.

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