Day Three

We got a bit of kernel work done, and one of the bigger issues of the EfikaMX nettop with the merge kernel should be fixed. I need to test it tomorrow.

Neko showed me how to connect the debug board to the EfikaMX smarttop, so I have a second one next to mine with that connected to test the merge kernel as the backlight isn’t enabled for it yet. I also know how to install a kernel on one “properly” and re-generate the boot.scr file if there are options that need to be changed.

Met Rajesh from Freescale today. Really nice guy.

Mauricio and his charming wife took us to dinner at La Margarita. I think, my best meal here yet. The salsa with the tortilla chips was amazing. We talked about future plans, and got to know Mauricio and his wife better. They then took us to the Riverwalk, and we walked around it for a bit, before stopping at a wonderful jazz bar and having a drink and talking more about the future, as well as Konstantinos recounting his experiences at UDS so Mauricio’s wife could hear about it.

One thing I really like about being here, is being around a lot of people who are actually excited about what they do. And since I like this positivity, and because there are some more things I’d like to get done, as well as some discussions need to be had, I’ve extended my stay here until Friday.

~ by steev on November 2, 2010.

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  1. the Freescale guy was Rajesh Gopi :)

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