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This is so awesome… and sadly, yeah, I laughed too.

~ by steev on January 25, 2008.

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  1. OMFG I almost lost the dr pepper I was trying to drink… It took me about 2 seconds to notice what I was really looking at – when I did… the giggling ensued. Thanks for the link :)

    I’m not going to hell… don’t you know that Christians have an auto-buy into heaven policy? Yes, its a part of the contractual obligation of our savior… he said I will die so you can keep on being all the sinner you want to be… WOO HOO – I don’t have to behave because the bible tells me so!

  2. yoyknow thats not really true you can hide behind it if you want but you would want are kid s to grow up thinking they or he or she can just fuck up all the time like most of us have now would we and dont drop the pepper you might need it to put out your smoke

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